My name is Aine Scannell, M.F.A. and I live in Scotland although I am originally from Ireland’s south coast.  Its funny that I ended up being one of those people who has  two post graduate Masters degrees –  one in painting and the second one in printmaking.  Mind you it was when I became focused on printmaking that the fun really began for me as an artist.  The thing is, you see, that I really do love the possibilities that this medium offers us and I can not understand how there seems to be a ‘hierarchy’ of materials and processes in the art world.

Well I think they are all wrong – and as far as I am concerned printmaking is thee best medium because it has its own very unique mark making characteristics and as an art practitioner let me tell you  it’s  just a constant adventure. I mean I have been doing printmaking for about 15 years almost and there are still techniques and processes and materials that I want to explore.

So here I am in virtual space with artwork of all sorts for your perusal.  There are large, medium and small size prints as well as installations and artists books .  It hasn’t been easy  fitting it all onto the site – that is without being assaulted by an overflow of drop-down navigation tab bars …………………, so  I have created a page called PORTFOLIO – which in effect is an image map.

Click on the link below to start the exploration – hope you enjoy……………


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