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FifeX designs and produces interactive exhibits and bespoke products for a range of museums and visitor attractions. Our unique range of services includes mechanical design and build, cabinet and display build, graphic design and printing, electronic design and installation, software design and all possible combinations of these. We are highly experienced in cross-discipline work and the FifeX team is expert in working with a variety of techniques and materials. We have earned and maintained a reputation for providing inventive solutions to complex problems; the FifeX team can always rise to a challenge! By not constraining ourselves to particular materials, methods or techniques, we ensure that the service FifeX provides you with is catered exactly to your needs: our flexibility allows us to collaborate with you in whatever way is most suited to the project.

Since 2002, FifeX has designed, built and managed a huge range of displays for visitor attractions and other venues as well as providing repairs and upgrades to products designed by other companies. With projects ranging in value from £1k to £110k and timescales varying from one week through to several years, there’s very little that FifeX hasn’t done. We’ve built many touring exhibitions in all shapes and sizes - from designs to be shipped across the world in a 40ft container, or driven across Fife in a Fiesta - we’ve made them all. We’ve worked on-site in venues from Shetland to Taiwan and in museums as big as the Science Museum and NMS right down to MUSA in St Andrews.

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